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Anonymous said: India be postin bogus ass pictures of her friends 😂😂😂 she be lookin A1 and they be lookin like straight doodoo. This why I dont take pictures with people if THEY uploading it bc I gotta look at myself first

I know u know. That saying I only hang with ugly girls to make me prettier

Anonymous said: Yes can you please ask them & post them here

I will ask

  -  30 July

Anonymous said: How tall is India


  -  30 July

Anonymous said: Everyone that has dated India and been friends with her has revealed her true colors so for all these bullshit blogs that kiss her ass, get your mind out her anus hole. She has yall hooked because of how cute she is and her popularity. Thats like saying everybody shes fucked with is lying which I doubt. Shes not the angel y'all think she is. Mark my words, Tiera is next

I know it . Some one need to stand up to her big headed ass

  -  30 July

Anonymous said: They sayin India made Ron what he is...TUH. That nigga had it goin for himself. He made HER because everybody thought they relationship was so cute. He didn't need her thot ass. I hope he find a bad bitch in UCLA

Actually Ron made himself . He plays football he’s making a career for him self only thing India making is the top of the Thot list I’m sleep on that one 😴

  -  30 July

Anonymous said: Obviously Matikah cares about loosing India as a friend because she kept talking about it. I think shes upset because India was her source for a little popularity and being able to go places with her so now its like she has noone to kick it with thats benefitting her image lol

Yeah she cares only true friends

  -  30 July

Anonymous said: What's India's snapchat, It's super late no one's probably up can you just post it and delete it in like 5 minutes? 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

I can’t tell it because it’s private sorry cuticles I think she changed t idk

  -  30 July

Anonymous said: Can I have somebodys snapchat? Anybodys? Lol

You want brees

  -  30 July

Anonymous said: Do you have any new pictures of them?

I can ask for some

  -  30 July

Anonymous said: Go on westbrooksgossip page on IG and look at the post about Morgans shoes and read the comments 😂😂😂😂

😂😭😂😂😂 let me go get my lurk on

  -  30 July
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